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IAD to Amsterdam, to Croatia (Zagreb), to Germany (Esllingen, Koln), to Austria(Vienna, Schwaz), to Slovenia (Maribor) to IAD. 2 weeks out, great food, wine, GRAPPA!!!!!, people, cities and trains. I love train tours. Nothing like it if you have backline…quite the opposite if you are lugging equipment. I had a blast, met great people and rocked out. This time out was with the Pro-Verb Trio (me, Dafnis Prieto & Jason Lindner). I dig the perpetual sideman paradigm, it keeps you from bearing the stress of leadership and especially within this configuration, we all improvise which means that cues are what you make them and mastery of your particular instrument is beyond “key”. so jyeah. some snaps from abroad. The countryside was killer, the ICE high speed train in Germany makes me want for the US train system to get up to par. It’s crazy. Them jawns are 98% on time and you can get anywhere in a few hours. c’mon DOT, can we get this thing cracking? I mean you can go from Paris to Marseille in 2 hours on the TGV. DC to Miami on a highspeed jont in like 4-6 hours nonstop, would be killer. 1st class and food service…c’mon b. Bah…oh well. Passport stamps got some new additions,so i’m happy. Easy.